Founded in 1999, National Savings Club of America Inc. ( is a privately held Clearwater, Florida company. The company’s mission is to unite its members to achieve exceptional purchasing opportunities. Unlike other associations, they are committed to obtain their goal without having their members pay Dues or Membership Fees. They also encourage and entertain all ideas and suggestions their members might have for desired future benefits.

For the last 20 years, we have seen a lot of changes in our health care system. With the rising costs of health care, Americans can no longer afford Health products and services. Those who can are choosing much more expensive plans as well as increased cost sharing to attempt to make their plans affordable. The NSCA programs allow people to get the Quality professional services they deserve at discounted prices!

The NSCA Premium Program is a non-insurance Discount Healthcare Program that enables people both with and without insurance to receive healthcare services at discounted prices.