Healthcare and Insurance Helpby Health Advocate™ Solutions

Healthcare and Insurance Help

Health Advocate™ Solutions

Healthcare is becoming harder to understand. Personal Health Advocates help you navigate through insurance and healthcare systems. Health Advocate Solutions includes:

Health Advocacy

  • Untangle medical bills and insurance claims
  • Clarify benefits and answer questions about tests, treatments and medication options
  • Coordinate care among multiple providers
  • Assist with eldercare and related healthcare issues
  • Arrange second opinions and transfer medical records

Medical Bill Saver™

  • Skilled negotiators will attempt to negotiate discounts on medical and dental bills on your behalf, no matter your benefit status
  • Negotiate payment arrangements with providers and find options for non-covered services


  • Registered nurses ready to answer your calls 24/7/365
  • Detailed information on a range of concerns including appropriate treatment options for minor emergencies or illnesses